Bopp Leuchten

Bopp Leuchten

Bopp LeuchtenThe Linus Bopp lights GmbH is characterized by high quality residential lighting. Of particular note here are the ceiling lamp FRAME or wall lamp ARCO. But even exclusive floor lamps, like the floor lamp BRIDGE, see the wide range this agent.

Bopp LED lights

The LED lights Bopp distinguished as particularly high-quality residential lighting, the lights in the manufactory Linus Bopp GmbH are manufactured in the Odenwald. The Bopp LED lights in accordance with the most modern lighting technology. For several years this factory lamps built specifically for the residential lighting and is very much in demand both nationally and internationally with your products, because the products are characterized by high quality and a very good price-performance ratio.

We lamps Schubert offer precisely to this quality. High-quality LED lights Bopp, made in Germany. The many variants ensure that for each is exactly the right product here. Each ever so difficult to be illuminated corner finds so the right lamp.

Bopp LED lights: variants of lamps

The LED lights Bopp there are many variations. Whether wall lamp, ceiling lamp or floor lamp, for everyone is a suitable model here. Here, these lamps are very energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Unlike conventional bulbs or energy-saving lamps have a low power consumption and do not contain any toxins. The bulbs of Bopp LED luminaires must therefore not be treated as hazardous waste after use. With the LED lights Bopp also eliminates the delay after switching, which is with energy saving lamps often shows.

The floor lamps, ceiling lamps and wall lamps can be specifically used in different places. Bopp LED lights for the ceiling are particularly suitable to illuminate entire rooms evenly and efficiently. Bopp LED lights with wall mounting, however, are particularly suited to accentuate or to donate on an armchair light for comfortable reading hours.
Bopp LED lights: Variable locations

The Bopp Led lighting can be used in your diversity throughout. Since there are many different styles and mounting options, they can be used in bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom, both in the home and at work. However, care should be taken for a good atmosphere on the light temperature. So it is advisable to choose in bathrooms and kitchens a cooler color temperature. This is the case also in workrooms. There one is particularly dependent on a bright, focused light, which can provide a cold white light is best. In living rooms and bedrooms on the other hand, it is exactly the opposite - here coziness and warmth is needed, which is why we recommend a warm white light. This gives exactly the cozy ambience, place to which most people in your home value. Thus, the LED lights Bopp bear very concrete help to ensure that you feel good in your home.

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