Moree Light furniture

Moree Light furniture
Moree Leuchten

Moree designs and produces high-quality, distinctive light furniture and lighting objects, made ​​for people who appreciate sensual as urban living. Bright furniture are best suited for cocktail bars or lounges but can also be found in restaurants with a special flair, this light furniture into place. Technical progress does not come off in the luminous products from Moree. For example, the LED light table studio an absolute highlight. This lounge table is equipped with RGB color changing system and available in various sizes.
Coffee table ORA Home white 28-17-01 Moree without lightning

Moree - for the living room coffee table Practical

The rectangular coffee table Ora Home comes in pure matt white lacquered wood. Very noble is the top cover from frosted glass. Magazines, mobile phones, and disappear in the space of body and foot. Even without light, makes this furniture with rounded corners and glass plate in White Opal for tidy residential glamor.

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