Schuller Valencia

Schuller Valencia
The leading Spanish company Schuller S.L. has been manufacturing lamps and luminaires, home accessories and furniture for 49 years. Currently, the company exports to over 50 countries worldwide and has more than 5,000 regular customers. Schuller's international presence is becoming increasingly important.
The 17,000-square-metre Schuller industrial centre with design and logistics for the entire European region is located in Valencia, Spain.
The range includes more than 1,000 different products for which Schuller creates its own unique designs and presents its own interpretation of home decor, always remaining true to its reputation for high quality and aesthetic design.

Richard W. Schuller founded the company in Valencia (Spain) in 1967 and initially started his business under the name Metales Artisticos Schuller SA, which was mainly limited to the production of lamps and luminaires. A few years later, he founded a subsidiary, Industrial SCH S.A., which from then on concentrated on the production of furniture. Today, all the companies of the group are merged into Schuller S.L..
As a manufacturer of lamps and furniture, Schuller S.L. has always opted for its own product design, so that the brand has an unmistakable identity thanks to the great creativity of co-founder and product manager Carmen Ramos.
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