An overview from past to present to show Lampen Schubert’s long and successful tradition.

The company is founded by Martin Schubert in Annaberg in the Erzgebirge of Saxony.

After the early death of company founder Martin Schubert, the copamy is continued by his son Hans Wilhelm Schubert. The business grows steadily through the introduction of new products within the lighting industry. The company employs 60 people and 150 home workers.

A new factory building is built in Annaberg.

After the turmoils of World War II and the ensuing occupation of the Erzgebirge by Soviet forces it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain business operations. Hans Wilhelm Schubert and his son Gerd Karl M. Schubert decide to leave Saxony and rebuild the company from scratch in western Germany.

Business resumes in western Germany in the city of Moenchengladbach. The comapny is restartet as a wholesaler of lighting fixtures and the sales network is expanded nationwide, serving more than 450 specialty stores within just two years.

The era of cutthroat competition by supermarkets and retailers begins.

Lampen Schubert supplies the first full-service supermarkets. This marks a huge success within the company's history.

Gerd Karl M. Schubert is joined in the company by his son, Bernd M. Schubert.

Direct sales to consumers gains more and more prominence. The exhibition space of the shop is expanded to 500 square meters.

Today the company is one of the few lamp specialty stores in Germany with long tradition and expertise. It has been located in the same place in Mönchengladbach for more than 50 years.