Wall lamps

Wall lamp, wall lamp - design object and indirect lighting

Wall lights are not only used in lighting, they are by their design also an essential part of the design of a room and put additional living environment. The right wall lamp in the workplace, hall, living and dining room provides at the desired location for a spot-like illumination and contributes entscheident with a soothing light atmosphere. Wall sconces are available in numerous versions and styles. The material is mostly stainless steel, nickel or aluminum. These are combined with an exclusive glass, which provides for a variety of lighting effects.

Other options are identified by variations of indirect lighting that are available for particularly soft lighting or LED wall lamps for power-saving lighting.

Examples of individual lighting accents are mainly the PUK lamps from Top Light or Siri 44 outdoor wall lamp from Helestra. With these highlights, you can put both your residential as well as your outdoor areas in the scene.

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