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Top Light Puk Maxx Wall + Ø 120 mm - chrome - wall lamp up- / downlight configurator
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Provided with LED heads, Rolf Ziel realises a purist implementation. A modern lighting concept is deliberately implemented that emits the light compactly and sharply or softly and diffusely into the room, depending on taste. The powerful elements of the luminaire skilfully set lighting accents and, for all their elegance, appear restrained and reduced.
The use of different lenses, glasses and - or additional colour filters opens up further possibilities for the play of light.
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2-30801-LED (chrome)
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Returner Brand New Top Light Puk Choice Custom Made Black 1200 mm 3 Heads

The Puk Choice Mirror/Wall by the brand manufacturer Toplight is a high-quality mirror and wall luminaire that can be designed as desired and thus bathes interiors in a unique light. The light bar is available in different versions and lengths, which makes it individually adaptable. Lenses and colour filters can also be added to the luminaire to create special lighting accents. Thanks to the latest energy-saving LED light sources, maximum light output is achieved with low power consumption and a pleasant warm white light.

Puk Choice Mirror/Wall - 1200mm - 3 heads

8-608045 Black/Black

technical details:

Type of light: LED luminaire, mirror and wall luminaire
dimmable: yes
material: metal
Height of beam: 3.4 cm (without lens)
width of beam: 3,4 cm
Length of beam: 120 cm
Lamp head: Ø 8 cm
Socket: LED
Bulb: included
Max power: 6 x 8 Watt - 3.600 Lumen - 2.800 Kelvin (warm white)

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Top Light Puk Maxx Eye Floor ø 120 G9 floor reading lamp lower lens clear fixed, foot dimmer
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The tasteful Puk Maxx Eye Floor presents itself stylishly with a reduced design. Designed for optimised living room lighting, the model from the Puk product series convinces with numerous advantages. For example, the configurable luminaire head enables highly individual lighting design through the use of innovative Puk lens technology - from soft mood light to focused illumination. In the lower part of the luminaire head of the Puk Maxx Eye Floor, a clear fixed lens is installed, in the upper part, the use of different Puk lenses and colour filters is possible. The floor lamp is dimmable.

Fixed lower lens. The standard version comes with a black textile cable.
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Top Light LED Puk Maxx Wall IP44 matt white incl. 2 x lens clear Configurator
With the elegant as well as simple Puk Wall Outdoor IP44, a discreet outdoor wall lighting opens up to the user. With its simple design, the outdoor luminaire focuses the viewer's gaze on the light of the luminaire, which creates an individually designed atmosphere. At the same time, it is also an attractive lighting object for designing the wall of the house. In this way, targeted lighting accents can be set. An ideal partner for outdoor lighting is the Puk Wall IP44 outdoor wall luminaire. Equipped with innovative LED technology, it is particularly energy-saving. The Puk Wall outdoor luminaire always creates a feel-good atmosphere.
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Exhibit - Top Light Puk Maxx Choice Drop LED pendant lamp 2 lamp heads 8-6874022
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At first sight, the Puk Maxx Choice Drop from the brand manufacturer Toplight seems to be identical to the "Puk Choice Choice Drop" from the Puk Choice series. This drop can be very individually designed due to the different versions as well as different color filters and lenses. The light bar is available in three different lengths and with two, three or four heads. Also the cables of the light can be replaced by colored textile cables and allow an adaptation to different ceiling heights and room designs by shortening or lengthening. A great extra is the "Puk Maxx Choice Drop" with a permanently installed lens on the top of the lamp, so a fantastic light is emitted not only downwards but also upwards. In addition you have the possibility to dim the light with a standard trailing edge phase dimmer or optionally with Top Light Lighting Control "C" via Bluetooth.

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- 8-6874022 chrome
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