Ceiling lights

The ceiling light - more than just a source of light

A ceiling lamp is designed specifically for use on ceilings. In most cases they will brighten up the whole room and it can be possible, no dark places left. At the same time the light must not be too harsh especially in the living area to do the cozy ambience of this room no harm. Here can be created with the help of practical dimmers Remedy. So you can adjust the light individually. Just as you wish. Ceiling lights can operate with different bulbs - LED, energy-saving lamps and halogen. We lamps Schubert have a large selection with many different models. Of course, we move with the times. And so we have now specialized as far as possible on LED lights. Let us help you and advise you if you are looking for a ceiling lamp for your home or your work. With our product range and our comprehensive service in consulting and you will find just the right lamp.

Ceiling Light: The all-rounder among the lamps

A ceiling lamp can therefore come in many different variations and thus flexibly adapted to the tastes and needs of each client. Different designs of these lamps luminaire body like minimalism, country-style or classic-elegant style can be equally suitable to be used in totally different design styles. The housing exist in different metals and colors, and can be individually selected by you. For every taste is catered for! With a ceiling light, there are different light temperatures, exert considerable influence on the atmosphere of a room. A ceiling lamp can shine in warm white light, which creates a cozy and harmonious atmosphere, which is particularly popular in living rooms or bedrooms. By contrast, cold white light is suitable in particular for a ceiling light study, kitchens or bathrooms because it is lighter and cooler and is particularly suitable for environments where bright light and precision is important.

Ceiling lamp: energy efficiency and environmental friendliness

A ceiling light can, depending on which light sources are used, environmentally friendly and energy efficient at the same time be without cost more or losing practicality. This works especially an LED ceiling light. LEDs bulbs, which consume considerably less energy than conventional bulbs, and compared to energy-saving lamps it contain any toxins. In addition, the delay is omitted after power - energy-saving lamps need after switching a little, until they reach full brightness. In an LED ceiling light, this is not the case, and the light is right there, just like you would expect from a regular lamp.
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