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PUK Wall wall sconce

A Puk Wall Wall light from Top Light is distinguished by its quality workmanship and its high flexibility. The lamp can be designed with different colors and glasses, so that every customer can individually exactly get the light, they enjoy and that suits his style. Moreover, additional color filters can be ordered, which change the color of the light. The formally reduced while still appealing design makes the Puk Wall Wall light an absolute eyecatcher be. A high level of quality and an optimum ratio of price and performance are the main features of a Puk Wall Wall light. It is both versatile and fits unobtrusively into any room concept and all decorating styles.

Puk Wall Wall light: As individual as you

A Puk Wall Wall light can be in many respects quite the taste of the owner to customize. First, the metal of the socket can be chosen. Chromium, both shiny and matte, makes the beginning. Also nickel matte can be selected for the mount. In addition, the lens of the Puk Wall Wall light can be selected individually. A clear or a frosted lens prefer, or maybe frosted glass on both sides? In the latter an aluminum reflector or light stop can additionally be used. These various metals and lenses already offer many combinations for Puk Wall Wall light. However, remember that color filter can be ordered, they are inserted between the lamp housing and the lens and let the light then emerge in a variety of shades. So extraordinary lighting effects can be created on the walls. Some models of Puk Wall Wall light make it possible to rotate the head of the lamp, and thus to determine exactly where the light from the lamp falls. With so many different ways to design the Puk Wall Wall light is as individual as you are.

Puk Wall Wall light: minimalism and elegance

The Puk Wall Wall Lamp is a masterpiece of minimalist design. Each lamp is reduced to the bare minimum of elegance and functionality, without losing a piece of good design and quality. A Puk Wall Wall light is in its simplicity an eyecatcher. It fits pleasantly discreetly into any room design and thereby falls by its restrained elegance but on. With the ability to select an appropriate color for their light, they can be used in any room to fit. A bright, pure white light for kitchens, bathrooms and jobs gives clarity on the premises. A warm-white or colored light for living room, bedroom or dining room provides comfort and atmosphere. A lamp, so changeable and flexible that they can be used in any room.
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